Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How Often Should I Clean Cinema Carpet?

Carpets are used for different purposes ranging from commercial use to residential use. Whichever the use, they play a huge role in the house or in a commercial building. Cinemas or theaters are some of the commercial units that have carpets installed. The carpet helps to make the cinema darker and conducive enough for the movies. Also, the carpet assists in keeping the area warm enough and offer a perfect environment for watching movies.

Cleaning the carpet is one of the major challenges, not just for the commercial institutions, but also at home. The cinema will receive constant visitors over the week, but mostly during the weekends. Even though people will not actively visit the cinema on the weekdays, they will frequently flock the area during the weekend. The three or two days might seem short, but the carpets in the cinemas will get all the sorts of dirt and stains. Ranging from spills of sodas and wines to the dirt from the shoes, the cinema carpet will be too dirty to handle.

That is why it is highly advised to clean the cinema carpet. The challenge here is that the cinema will be large and tiresome to clean. Other than that, it can be expensive to hire the carpet cleaning company. So how often should you clean the cinema carpet?

Things To Consider

Before you decide how often you will clean the cinema carpet, you will need to keep some factors into consideration. Such factors include the following;

• The type of carpet
Different carpets are made with different fabrics, and for that, they will require varied cleaning frequencies. The thick type of carpet will need less frequency though they absorb more dirt easily. Most of the cinema carpets will use the normal type of carpet that is easy to maintain and clean. Nonetheless, the color is what will range. Some will go for the maroon carpet while others will go for the gray or black carpets.

• The schedules of the cinema

How often do people visit the cinema? What are the schedules of the movies that are screened? Here, it is about the number of days that the people attend the cinema throughout the week. If they visit the cinema only two or three days in a week, the frequency will be limited. Others will host movies almost every day of the week. For such cinemas, the need to clean the carpet will be more frequent.

• The type of snacks or drinks offered

While some cinemas offer only popcorns and sodas, others offer other food stuff like hotdogs, pizzas, and they can allow the audience to carry their own snacks. Some people will carry red wine or other colored drinks, which can cause stains on the carpet. The sauce or ketchup on the hot dog can drop on the carpet, and it will stick to it. This will also affect the frequency of cleaning the carpet.

• The type of cleaning

Carpet cleaning will come in different ways, and you need to find the method that is reliable enough to your carpet. For the steam cleaning, it is more of a general cleaning method that helps to keep the carpet spotlessly clean, and get rid of the stains. There are also the dry cleaning methods that will not require you to leave the carpet to dry. With the dry cleaning methods, it can be offered more frequently without much effort.

• The size of the cinema

For a small cinema, cleaning the carpet cannot be such a challenge. You can easily clean the cinema carpet without much difficulty, which will also be cheap enough. Nonetheless, the large cinemas will be tricky, and the carpet cleaning frequency will be shorter.

So How Often Should You Clean Your Cinema Carpet?

The frequency of cleaning the cinema carpet will depend on the above-mentioned factors. Other factors might also affect the frequency of cleaning the carpet in a cinema. Regardless of all that, you must clean the cinema carpet frequently enough. This will help to enhance the quality of the carpet, and also, it will give the cinema a nice smell.

The spring cleaning of the carpet should be carried out at least once in three months. This is the best timing if the cinema receives more visitors over the week. You can sweep the carpet, at least, every day, to get rid of the dust and the dirt that hang on the carpet. This can make it easier when you want to carry out a more detailed and wet carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning with the sucker machine can also be used regularly, to limit the buildup of dirt on the carpet. You will need to hire the right company to clean the cinema carpet.

Since there is a lot of foot trafficking, you will need to consider the dry carpet cleaning more frequently. Ideally, you can go for the dry cleaning method at least after a week or two. When the carpet is constantly swept , it can stay cleaner, and it will get rid of the dust and other dirt. The deep or steam cleaning should then be carried out after every three to six months. This will depend on the attendance frequency.

It is also advised always to study the carpet for any possible stain while sweeping. Ensure that you get rid of the stain soon enough to limit the chances of it becoming buried in between the strands. When the stains are removed, and the carpet is swept frequently enough, it will help to limit the number of times you will need to clean the entire carpet.

Always find the right carpet cleaning company that offers reliable commercial carpet cleaning. This will assure you of getting the service that you need. The company will also give you tips on how to clean the cinema carpet and how to take care of it. When choosing the carpet cleaning company, check that you find one that has enough knowledge and experience in the commercial carpet cleaning. The company should also show you proof of having worked in the industry for long enough. You should know about the costs of hiring the cleaning company before you decide to hire them.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Single Best Way To Do Carpet Cleaning

Choosing the best carpet cleaning method can be confusing. In time, spot cleaning just doesn’t seem to work. One day you turn around just to find your carpet is a shade darker compared to when you bought it or else you do a hard work spot cleaning just to expose how filthy the rest of your carpet actually is. The single best way to do carpet cleaning is steaming. 

This method involves using steam to clean the carpet. It is also known as hot water extraction method because it uses very hot water, however the actual temperature varies since professional firms have better means to deliver hotter water compared to home water heaters. This method is very popular because it works effectively. Though dry cleaning uses less water and can combat biological impurities just as steam cleaning in some cases, steam cleaning works perfectly on stains because it’s hot and hotness boosts cleaning.

Moreover, steam cleaning penetrates better to combat more viruses and germs, especially when the water is hot enough. In addition, dust mites perish when the water is very hot. The other great benefit of steam cleaning is that the hot water assists improve the carpet fibers as well as brings curl and springs back to the fibers. Steam cleaning is the only method known to offer actual deep cleaning and it’s suitable for most carpets apart from those with special fibers like sisal, wool, silk and other natural fibers and hand-loomed carpets or oriental rugs.

Vacuuming your carpet
You should first vacuum your carpet thoroughly before steam cleaning it if you want to achieve good results. You should never use carpet cleaners to vacuum your carpet as they are precisely designed to clean and at least somewhat dry carpets, removing dirt as they go. Below are tips on how to vacuum your carpet thoroughly:

1. Remove all books, toys and other items from the floor
2. If possible remove furniture and furnishing from your carpet as this can make your job easier. Professionals usually lift the furniture up the carpet, raising it like that until the carpet dries using chipping and blocking. For your case, you can make use of small pieces of board to raise the furniture well enough such that you can get under it.
3. Go around the base of the fireplace hearth, walls and every edge of the carpet
4. You can make use of crevice attachment to get to the base of heftier and immobile furniture. 
5. Use flooring attachment to vacuum beneath heftier furniture, such as a raised armchair or sofa.
6. Use a standard vacuum set-up to vacuum the carpet gradually in one direction with a back-and-forth motion. After you are through, repeat the process once more on a 90-degree angle. Even though this looks like overkill, vacuuming from every direction make sure that every fiber’s side is cleaned as carpet fibers are essentially twisted.

Treating stains 
Though steam cleaning machines can remove a lot of dirt and dust from the carpet, the heat involved may set stains, making it very tough to get rid of them. Hence, you should treat stains first before you steam clean your carpet as this will help you avoid finding stains returning to your carpet just a few days after cleaning it. This is because the process of steam cleaning forces the stain into the carpet pad and after some time the stains become visible. All you need to remove stains from your carpet is white vinegar, salt and borax. Mix ¼ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of salt and ¼ cup of borax and then smear this mixture to stains or deeply soiled parts of your carpet. Leave the paste on the carpet for some hours until it completely dries and then vacuum it away.

How to steam clean your Carpet
If you were not able to clear all the furniture from the room, you will need to cut squares of aluminum foil or wax paper and slide them underneath the edges of all furniture in the room. This helps safeguard your furniture as well as prevent it from absorbing moisture that may remain after steam cleaning. You should leave the furniture covered until the carpet dries completely, usually about one day.

It is always important to spot-test any cleaning agents you plan to make use of to clean your carpet. It is advisable to pretest in a hidden part of your carpet and in this way you can avoid damaging or making your carpet fade due to using the wrong cleaning product. Many steam cleaners producers endorse using their specially-formulated cleaning solutions. 

You can use a one step process or two step process to steam clean your carpet. The most important thing to know that many steam cleaners are made to drip water while you are pushing them forward and remove it when you are pulling it back in your direction. Hence, you should pull the steam cleaner very slowly in order to remove large volume of water as when excess water is left behind it can make your carpet padding to become soaked, leading to mildew, mold and awful odors. To avoid this, it is also important to steam clean your carpet when the temperature is warm enough such that you can open the windows, considerably speeding up the drying process. 

If you decide to employ the two-step method, you should try to increase the time between the steps and consider using a fan to make the carpet dry faster. You can consider renting a steam cleaner machine from rental centre or a grocery store as they have additional power. The high rental fees and high prices of cleaning agents, a rental steam cleaner can rapidly strain your home budget, but the results attained can be worthwhile. 

Hiring a steam cleaning professional
When steam cleaning is done by a professional, the results achieved are great as professionals have very powerful equipment than you can rent or buy and they also have great experience in removing stains. However, it is important to carry out a thorough research before settling on the steam cleaning firm to use for your carpet cleaning so to make sure you get the best. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

How To Choose Carpet Cleaning Service For Office

You should understand that carpet becomes an important thing in your office. It can be used to improve the overall look of your office effectively. Therefore, you have to take care of your carpet properly. It is recommended that you clean your carpet regularly. There are some carpet cleaning service companies that are available today. You can compare some available companies, so you can select the best one for cleaning your carpet. Different companies may offer their own services for all customers. Here are some important things that you should consider, so you can choose the best cleaning service company easily.

1. Visit some of their sites

This is the first thing that you have to do, so you can find your favorite cleaning service company easily. Some of them usually display some of their services on their websites. You can visit their sites, so you can check some available services. When you visit some of these sites, you can check all available services that are suitable for your needs. Some companies offer carpet cleaning service for business owners in Singapore. Make sure that you choose the best company that offers commercial carpet cleaning service for all customers today.

2. Read some reviews

When you are planning to choose the best carpet cleaning service for your office, you should read some reviews from other customers. You can read these reviews from many sources these days, for example newspaper, magazine, websites, and many other resources. These customer reviews can help you select the best carpet cleaning service company that is suitable for your needs. Some reputable companies offer high quality services for all customers. You can also check their services by looking at these reviews. It is recommended that you choose the reputable companies because they tend to provide high quality service for all customers.

3. Check their licenses

It is important for you to check the licenses of these cleaning service companies. Not all companies have proper license to offer their services in Singapore. if you don't want to deal with any legal issues in the future, you have to check their licenses. Licensed companies usually have proper and high quality service for cleaning any types of carpets safely. You can contact some of them to ask about their licenses. Some of them should be able to show you their licenses as the professional carpet cleaning service company in this country.

4. Compare their rates

Different companies may offer their services at different rates. This factor becomes very important for most people who have small budget. If you want to clean your carpet inside your office at very affordable price, you have to compare some available cleaning service companies. Some of them provide additional discounts or deals for all loyal and new customers. You can contact some of them to ask about their discounts or offers today. Some companies may offer their high quality services at discounted rates. Price can be an important factor for most business owners, especially for small and medium enterprises today.

5. Check their cleaning methods

It is also important for you to check their cleaning methods. Not all cleaning service companies may provide similar cleaning methods. Some of them have safe methods for cleaning any types of carpets in your office. Steam cleaning is believed to be a safe method for cleaning any carpets in your office. You can discuss with some cleaning service companies, so you can select the best company for yourself. Some companies have a lot of experience in cleaning any carpets in any types of companies today. Therefore, they usually have some proven methods that can be used to clean carpet quickly.

They are some useful tips that can guide you on how you can select your favorite carpet cleaning service company easily. It is important that you select the best company that can provide high quality carpet cleaning service for your office. It is recommended that you clean your carpet at least once a month. Regular carpet cleaning can improve your image and brand of your office. You can also make your employees feel comfortable in your office. Some experts believe that regular carpet cleaning can increase the work productivity significantly. If you want to improve your business performance, you have to hire a professional carpet cleaning company regularly.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How Often Should You Clean Your Office Chair?

Office chair is an important furniture in your office. This item should be cleaned regularly, so you can avoid some health problems. If you spend a lot of time in your office, you should clean this item regularly. Some experts recommend to clean this furniture at least once a week.

There are some useful tips that you can use, so you can clean this office chair regularly. Regular chair cleaning can help you avoid some health problems that may occur in the future. You can remove some impurities, such as hair, soil, dust, and some other materials, from your chair completely. Here are some useful tips that can help you clean this chair easily.

1. Use clean cloth for cleaning the handles

This is the first tip that can help you clean your chair easily. You can use the clean cloth for cleaning the chair handles completely. You can use smooth cloth for cleaning these handles, so you can avoid getting some scratches or damages on your chair. If you want to maintain the quality of your office chair, you should buy the best cloth that is made from smooth and soft materials. You can consider using the microfiber cloth. This type of cloth is recommended for all users these days. It can help you clean the chair in your office easily.

2. Use vacuum cleaner

Some people want to use vacuum cleaner to clean their chairs. This device is very useful to remove any impurities from your chair, for example hair, dust, stone, sand, soil, and some other unwanted things. It is very easy to operate this device for cleaning any chairs in your office. You can buy the best device that is suitable for your needs. You can compare some vacuum cleaners before selecting the best one for yourself. Vacuum cleaner is an effective tool to remove any impurities from your chair very quickly. You don't have to spend a lot of time for operating this device.

3. Replace the seat cover

This is another tip that is good for all people. If you want to keep your chair as clean as possible, you can use the seat cover. This cover can be used to protect your chair completely. However, you need to replace the seat cover regularly. Replacing this seat cover can help you keep your chair as clean as possible. There are some seat covers that are available on the market these days. You can compare some of these covers, so you can find your favorite cover that is made from strong and durable materials.

4. Avoid using harmful cleaning solution

When you are planning to clean your chair, you should avoid using harmful cleaning solution. There are some cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients. Some cleaning supplies contain chemical ingredients that are harmful for your office chair. You should avoid using these products, especially if you want to maintain the quality of your chair easily. You can find some cleaning supplies that are made from organic and natural ingredients.

5. Make an appointment with a cleaning service company

This is another easy way that you can do, so you can clean your office chair regularly. It is important that you contact some professional cleaning service companies. Reputable companies can help you manage your schedule for cleaning your office chair effectively. These companies usually have professional workers. You can rely on the quality of these workers. They can help you clean your office chair regularly. They also know how to manage your schedule for cleaning your office chair. It is important that you select the best company that can provide high quality service for all customers.

They are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can determine the proper schedule for cleaning your office chair. It is important that you have regular cleaning procedure, so you can maintain the quality of any chairs in your office properly. Regular cleaning can help you improve the life of your office chair significantly. You can also reduce the overall maintenance or replacement cost when you clean your chair regularly. It is important to hire the best cleaning service company for cleaning any items in your office. Make sure that you hire the best company for cleaning this furniture in your office completely.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Carpet Cleaning Insurance

The carpet is one of the things that makes life easier in the house in terms of offering comfort and beauty to the house. One challenge comes in when you need to clean the carpet, it needs some professionalism. That is why many people choose to hire a carpet cleaning insurance to take care of their carpets. Another challenge that comes in is when you are choosing the carpet cleaning insurance. You need to be keen in order to find the perfect cleaning insurance for your carpet. A number of mistakes are made when they are selecting a carpet cleaning insurance. Here are some of the common mistakes made;

1. Selecting An Insurance On The Basis Of The Equipment Only
Well, it is true that the carpet cleaner must be having enough equipments and they should be the right set of equipment to carry out the job. However, that is not all, because the cleaner will need more than just the equipments. They will need to have the right employees that have been well trained to carry out the cleaning services. The staff members must also be able to handle the particular equipments as required. To ensure this, you can confirm if the cleaners have been authorized by the relevant authorities. You can ask them to provide you with the proof of authorization, which must be displayed in the form of an authentic certificate. This will help you to be sure of dealing with certified cleaners, who will take care of your carpet as expected.

2. Going For The Low Priced Insurance
Another mistake that most people make is that they choose a carpet cleaning insurance, just because they offer a lower price. In most cases, you might be lured into hiring the low priced cleaners, who will later on apply higher prices on the prices that they offer. That will make you end up paying lots of money in the long run. Other than the trick by such cleaners, the low price that has been placed might mean that the services offered are of lower quality. Most of the cleaners that offer low prices will set it for the single-process cleaning, but the client might not understand this. The low price could also mean that the carpet cleaner is loaded with cheap cleaning equipments, which may not offer quality services.

3. Make Up Your Mind Because Of A Single Phone Call
There are some sales persons in the carpet cleaning insurances, who have talents in luring people by just making one phone call. However, this is very disastrous and it can lead to future challenges. When you make your call, you must clearly listen what the cleaners have to offer, then invite the to your house. They should come to your house and make a conclusion on what you should expect to get. They will rate your carpet, make you a quotation and have an idea of what the cleaners are capable of. Seeing the cleaners in person will also help you to know that they exist and you are dealing with real people.

4. Going For An Insurance Without A Money-back Guarantee
Inasmuch as it is not always encouraged to hire a cleaner with an expectation of getting your money back, you must also ensure that you have the right cleaner. Many people neglect this aspect, but it is very helpful. It is advised to always consider the money-back guarantee. This is only an assurance that the cleaners will offer you a high quality job. Suppose you are no satisfied with their services, or if you notice that your carpet is still dirty immediately after being cleaned, then you will get your money back. There are some that can give you between a day and a week long money-back guarantee. This will assure you of having a super clean carpet for the longest time possible. For that, you must ensure that you have considered the job quality guarantee.

5. Selecting A Non-Certified Insurance

One thing that you should keep in mind is that every cleaner that you choose must be certified by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection and Restoration Cert. This is an association that scrutinizes all the carpet cleaners in Singapore. For that, if you find a cleaner that is under the IICRC certification, then you will know that they are certified. This certification is usually offered after the cleaner has been trained and tested. For that, the certification implies that they have successfully passed the exams given.

6. Choosing An Insurance That Doesn’t Have The Latest System
You must be keen enough when you are choosing the cleaners that have the most advanced systems. There are several systems that are used in cleaning the carpets and it will need the client to be keen enough when they are choosing the cleaner. A system that you should always consider in the carpet cleaning insurance is the truck mounted extraction system. This hot water system is the most valued system in the carpet cleaning field. The truck mount system will use hot water that comes with a higher pressure and a more powerful suctions, which is more reliable.

7. Not Considering The Opinion Of Other Clients
Some people might think that they know more about carpet cleaners, but the truth is that the real story about a carpet cleaner can be recited by the previous client. The client who has had an experience with the cleaner is the one who knows how they are and their service quality. They understand the deeper truth about the cleaners. For that reason, it is highly advised to ask around from clients who have had an experience with the given carpet cleaners. This will help you know of any possible faults with the cleaners and if you should avoid them.

It should be noted that a carpet cleaning insurance should be selected with a consideration of many things and not just the equipment, the price, or the luring phone call. Always ensure that you are selecting the right cleaner for your carpet and if possible, ask them as many questions as you can. This will help you be sure of a qualified and able carpet cleaner.