Tuesday, 2 June 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Carpet Cleaning Insurance

The carpet is one of the things that makes life easier in the house in terms of offering comfort and beauty to the house. One challenge comes in when you need to clean the carpet, it needs some professionalism. That is why many people choose to hire a carpet cleaning insurance to take care of their carpets. Another challenge that comes in is when you are choosing the carpet cleaning insurance. You need to be keen in order to find the perfect cleaning insurance for your carpet. A number of mistakes are made when they are selecting a carpet cleaning insurance. Here are some of the common mistakes made;

1. Selecting An Insurance On The Basis Of The Equipment Only
Well, it is true that the carpet cleaner must be having enough equipments and they should be the right set of equipment to carry out the job. However, that is not all, because the cleaner will need more than just the equipments. They will need to have the right employees that have been well trained to carry out the cleaning services. The staff members must also be able to handle the particular equipments as required. To ensure this, you can confirm if the cleaners have been authorized by the relevant authorities. You can ask them to provide you with the proof of authorization, which must be displayed in the form of an authentic certificate. This will help you to be sure of dealing with certified cleaners, who will take care of your carpet as expected.

2. Going For The Low Priced Insurance
Another mistake that most people make is that they choose a carpet cleaning insurance, just because they offer a lower price. In most cases, you might be lured into hiring the low priced cleaners, who will later on apply higher prices on the prices that they offer. That will make you end up paying lots of money in the long run. Other than the trick by such cleaners, the low price that has been placed might mean that the services offered are of lower quality. Most of the cleaners that offer low prices will set it for the single-process cleaning, but the client might not understand this. The low price could also mean that the carpet cleaner is loaded with cheap cleaning equipments, which may not offer quality services.

3. Make Up Your Mind Because Of A Single Phone Call
There are some sales persons in the carpet cleaning insurances, who have talents in luring people by just making one phone call. However, this is very disastrous and it can lead to future challenges. When you make your call, you must clearly listen what the cleaners have to offer, then invite the to your house. They should come to your house and make a conclusion on what you should expect to get. They will rate your carpet, make you a quotation and have an idea of what the cleaners are capable of. Seeing the cleaners in person will also help you to know that they exist and you are dealing with real people.

4. Going For An Insurance Without A Money-back Guarantee
Inasmuch as it is not always encouraged to hire a cleaner with an expectation of getting your money back, you must also ensure that you have the right cleaner. Many people neglect this aspect, but it is very helpful. It is advised to always consider the money-back guarantee. This is only an assurance that the cleaners will offer you a high quality job. Suppose you are no satisfied with their services, or if you notice that your carpet is still dirty immediately after being cleaned, then you will get your money back. There are some that can give you between a day and a week long money-back guarantee. This will assure you of having a super clean carpet for the longest time possible. For that, you must ensure that you have considered the job quality guarantee.

5. Selecting A Non-Certified Insurance

One thing that you should keep in mind is that every cleaner that you choose must be certified by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection and Restoration Cert. This is an association that scrutinizes all the carpet cleaners in Singapore. For that, if you find a cleaner that is under the IICRC certification, then you will know that they are certified. This certification is usually offered after the cleaner has been trained and tested. For that, the certification implies that they have successfully passed the exams given.

6. Choosing An Insurance That Doesn’t Have The Latest System
You must be keen enough when you are choosing the cleaners that have the most advanced systems. There are several systems that are used in cleaning the carpets and it will need the client to be keen enough when they are choosing the cleaner. A system that you should always consider in the carpet cleaning insurance is the truck mounted extraction system. This hot water system is the most valued system in the carpet cleaning field. The truck mount system will use hot water that comes with a higher pressure and a more powerful suctions, which is more reliable.

7. Not Considering The Opinion Of Other Clients
Some people might think that they know more about carpet cleaners, but the truth is that the real story about a carpet cleaner can be recited by the previous client. The client who has had an experience with the cleaner is the one who knows how they are and their service quality. They understand the deeper truth about the cleaners. For that reason, it is highly advised to ask around from clients who have had an experience with the given carpet cleaners. This will help you know of any possible faults with the cleaners and if you should avoid them.

It should be noted that a carpet cleaning insurance should be selected with a consideration of many things and not just the equipment, the price, or the luring phone call. Always ensure that you are selecting the right cleaner for your carpet and if possible, ask them as many questions as you can. This will help you be sure of a qualified and able carpet cleaner.

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