Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How Often Should I Clean Cinema Carpet?

Carpets are used for different purposes ranging from commercial use to residential use. Whichever the use, they play a huge role in the house or in a commercial building. Cinemas or theaters are some of the commercial units that have carpets installed. The carpet helps to make the cinema darker and conducive enough for the movies. Also, the carpet assists in keeping the area warm enough and offer a perfect environment for watching movies.

Cleaning the carpet is one of the major challenges, not just for the commercial institutions, but also at home. The cinema will receive constant visitors over the week, but mostly during the weekends. Even though people will not actively visit the cinema on the weekdays, they will frequently flock the area during the weekend. The three or two days might seem short, but the carpets in the cinemas will get all the sorts of dirt and stains. Ranging from spills of sodas and wines to the dirt from the shoes, the cinema carpet will be too dirty to handle.

That is why it is highly advised to clean the cinema carpet. The challenge here is that the cinema will be large and tiresome to clean. Other than that, it can be expensive to hire the carpet cleaning company. So how often should you clean the cinema carpet?

Things To Consider

Before you decide how often you will clean the cinema carpet, you will need to keep some factors into consideration. Such factors include the following;

• The type of carpet
Different carpets are made with different fabrics, and for that, they will require varied cleaning frequencies. The thick type of carpet will need less frequency though they absorb more dirt easily. Most of the cinema carpets will use the normal type of carpet that is easy to maintain and clean. Nonetheless, the color is what will range. Some will go for the maroon carpet while others will go for the gray or black carpets.

• The schedules of the cinema

How often do people visit the cinema? What are the schedules of the movies that are screened? Here, it is about the number of days that the people attend the cinema throughout the week. If they visit the cinema only two or three days in a week, the frequency will be limited. Others will host movies almost every day of the week. For such cinemas, the need to clean the carpet will be more frequent.

• The type of snacks or drinks offered

While some cinemas offer only popcorns and sodas, others offer other food stuff like hotdogs, pizzas, and they can allow the audience to carry their own snacks. Some people will carry red wine or other colored drinks, which can cause stains on the carpet. The sauce or ketchup on the hot dog can drop on the carpet, and it will stick to it. This will also affect the frequency of cleaning the carpet.

• The type of cleaning

Carpet cleaning will come in different ways, and you need to find the method that is reliable enough to your carpet. For the steam cleaning, it is more of a general cleaning method that helps to keep the carpet spotlessly clean, and get rid of the stains. There are also the dry cleaning methods that will not require you to leave the carpet to dry. With the dry cleaning methods, it can be offered more frequently without much effort.

• The size of the cinema

For a small cinema, cleaning the carpet cannot be such a challenge. You can easily clean the cinema carpet without much difficulty, which will also be cheap enough. Nonetheless, the large cinemas will be tricky, and the carpet cleaning frequency will be shorter.

So How Often Should You Clean Your Cinema Carpet?

The frequency of cleaning the cinema carpet will depend on the above-mentioned factors. Other factors might also affect the frequency of cleaning the carpet in a cinema. Regardless of all that, you must clean the cinema carpet frequently enough. This will help to enhance the quality of the carpet, and also, it will give the cinema a nice smell.

The spring cleaning of the carpet should be carried out at least once in three months. This is the best timing if the cinema receives more visitors over the week. You can sweep the carpet, at least, every day, to get rid of the dust and the dirt that hang on the carpet. This can make it easier when you want to carry out a more detailed and wet carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning with the sucker machine can also be used regularly, to limit the buildup of dirt on the carpet. You will need to hire the right company to clean the cinema carpet.

Since there is a lot of foot trafficking, you will need to consider the dry carpet cleaning more frequently. Ideally, you can go for the dry cleaning method at least after a week or two. When the carpet is constantly swept , it can stay cleaner, and it will get rid of the dust and other dirt. The deep or steam cleaning should then be carried out after every three to six months. This will depend on the attendance frequency.

It is also advised always to study the carpet for any possible stain while sweeping. Ensure that you get rid of the stain soon enough to limit the chances of it becoming buried in between the strands. When the stains are removed, and the carpet is swept frequently enough, it will help to limit the number of times you will need to clean the entire carpet.

Always find the right carpet cleaning company that offers reliable commercial carpet cleaning. This will assure you of getting the service that you need. The company will also give you tips on how to clean the cinema carpet and how to take care of it. When choosing the carpet cleaning company, check that you find one that has enough knowledge and experience in the commercial carpet cleaning. The company should also show you proof of having worked in the industry for long enough. You should know about the costs of hiring the cleaning company before you decide to hire them.