Wednesday, 24 February 2016

6 Useful Tips on Office Carpet Cleaning

 If you wish to have a comfortable and stylish office in Singapore, it is advisable to cover the floor with a good quality carpet. It will make the office look elegant as well as minimize the distractions caused by pointed shoes when they come into contact with the floor directly.

However, carpets are prone to gathering dust and dirt with time and hence require regular cleaning in an effort to maintain the elegance of your office. Office carpets ought to be cleaned regularly and not only for maintaining the good image of the office but also ensuring that the office staffs operate in a clean and sanitized environment. There are several office carpet cleaning tips that you can follow when cleaning your office carpet.

Vacuuming on a regular Basis
Leaving dirt to accumulate on the carpet for a long period can damage the carpet as it destroys the carpet fabric. It is therefore advisable to clean the carpet regularly to prevent it from wearing out fast. Vacuuming your carpet for several times in a week could restore it to its almost new condition. The person doing the vacuuming ought to pay special attention to those areas that experience the most traffic. These could be corridors or areas near office equipment like printers where staff normally frequent to pick their printed work if at all the office uses a common printer. Doing this for about two or three times every week will leave the carpet clean and thus prolong its lifetime.

Ensuring Stains are cleaned immediately
This is another great cleaning tip for your office carpet. Any spot or stain that occurs on the carpet should be immediately washed away in order to avoid the stains becoming permanent. When a spill occurs, it penetrates the carpet fibres slowly and if it is left for long, it might stain the carpet permanently. Consequently, the longer a spill is left to stay on the carpet for longer the more costly it gets to remove it thus depleting your resources for a mistake that could have been corrected at the earliest opportunity. This would necessitate one to use chemical based stain removers that often weaken the carpet fibres leading to its fast wearing out.

Choosing the method of carpet cleaning
It is important to choose the most effective carpet cleaning method you prefer to use on your office carpet. This will help you in identifying the best carpet cleaning service providers to hire for this job. There are various carpet cleaning methods like bonnet cleaning, steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is also referred to as dry cleaning and they are more suitable for large companies. In this method, the carpets are first of all vacuumed before a cleaning solution is sprayed on them to remove the dirt found on the carpet. They are then scrubbed by a rotary machine whereby the dirt is dissolved and the carpets are then dried.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is another carpet cleaning method that is also equally effective. In this method, there are some hoses that are attached to a truck that is usually mounted to run over the area that needs to be cleaned. A cleaning solution that is usually hot is then injected onto the carpet area and this removes the dirt on it easily. If the carpet has some soil stains then this is the most effective method to use although it has a setback in that the carpet takes longer to dry. Shampoo cleaning is the third method to choose from and in this a machine scrubs the carpet using a thick lather to remove the dirt. This method has a high degree of efficiency in cleaning although it weakens the carpet due to the chemicals present in the shampoo.

Keeping the Carpet Free from Odors
The moment you sense an odor emanating from the office carpet, it is advisable to remove it immediately as it may lead to discomfort. This is dangerous as it may hamper your worker’s productivity. A fast way to deal with this is by sprinkling some baking soda on the spot bearing the odor before you vacuum it later on.

Cleaning in Sections
Due to the busy lifestyle that is synonymous with Singapore, it is almost difficult to set aside a specific day or time to deal with the carpets alone. The easiest and most effective way to clean your carpets despite the busy and tight schedules at work is cleaning it up section by section. You can divide the carpet into several sections if the office is the open plan one or divide it by the number of rooms or offices inside. After doing that then you can spare some minutes daily to clean each section and by so doing you will be able to cover the whole office without interfering with your day’s work.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts
Finally, in order to ensure that your carpet is cleaned effectively and in the most suitable method to protect it from premature wear and tear, you should hire carpet cleaning professionals. They are professionally trained on the best practices and the right equipment to use when cleaning carpets. They will also offer the soundest advice on the best carpet cleaning methods to apply when cleaning your type of carpet. They also know of the best chemicals to use while cleaning the carpets to ensure that they do not harm your carpets.

Another added advantage of hiring these professional carpet cleaning service providers is the amount of valuable company time they save for you. As indicated above, Singapore has a very busy lifestyle and as such finding time to clean the carpets is hard. The professionals will always find time to clean your carpets after the days work, thereby making your work easier. The valuable company time saved helps a company realize the full potential of its employees’ productivity, leading to an increase in revenue. The professional cleaners will at all times do the best cleaning job, leaving your office looking sparkling clean as well as fully sanitized. There is no other perfect working environment than the one these professional cleaners could offer with their highly experienced cleaning skills.