Monday, 30 July 2018

Carpet Cleaning - Steam Or Shampoo?

Keeping carpets clean can be a difficult task, especially if one has kids or pets in the house. There are several different types of carpet cleaning methods employed by professional cleaning services and this largely depends on the type of fabric or carpet fibers and also on specific needs of the homeowners. Steam and shampooing carpet cleaning are some of the effective methods of carpet cleaning that you should choose. However, in order to choose which method to use, you should know all their cleaning techniques and stages. Thus, the following explains the steam and shampoo carpet cleaning process.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most experts recommend steam carpet cleaning as the only method that not only cleans the carpet thoroughly but it also does not cause damage to the fibers of the carpet as it does not use any harsh chemicals like other carpet cleaning methods do. The frequency of how often you should get your carpet cleaned majorly depends on the business of your household but most experts say that one should get their carpets steam cleaned at least once a year. The entire carpet steaming process comprises of the following main steps:

High-Filtration Vacuuming

The first thing that should be done before anything else is done is picking up loose visible debris from the surface of the carpet. While you may have vacuumed the carpet using your household vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaners are of industrial strength and they rid the surface of the carpet of the tiniest dust particles using high filtration vacuuming.

Removal of Furniture
The process of steam carpet cleaning requires the room to be completely vacant. Most of the times the steam cleaning professionals that come in to do their job help the residents of the house in moving the furniture out of the room but it is advisable that you should always move the furniture out of the room before the technicians arrive to avoid any damages or breakages.

Stain Removal
The first step in the carpet steaming process is the removal of visible stains. It is possible that your carpet may have stains from spills etc. If that is the case, the professionals from the steam cleaning company will use professional cleaning products to rid the thing of those stains before they proceed with other procedures.

Before the hot water extraction process, the professionals will apply a pre-spray to the surface of the carpet which will help in loosening and be removing all the grime and oils that might be stuck in the fibers. This step is crucial as, without it, the water extraction method will not be able to rid the carpet of all sorts of pollutants.

Extraction of Hot Water
The carpet cleaner will be using a professional hot water extraction machine to thoroughly clean the carpet using steam. The solutions used for cleaning are propelled into the fibers of the carpet that end up breaking down the dust particles after which a vacuum is used to extract it all.


The rinsing process is also carried out using the extraction machine in order to make sure that there is no residue and no cleaning solutions left behind.

Usage of Protective Tabs
Using Styrofoam blocks and foil tabs under the legs of the furniture, your cleaner will move them back to where they are supposed to be. This step is basically deemed necessary so that there is no color seepage from the furniture to the carpet when it is still wet. Once that completely dry, these protective tabs can be removed.

In the end, the steam cleaning technician will make sure that there are no tangles or its fibers lying in the wrong direction using a carpet rake.


The carpet cleaning technician will provide you with overshoes so that you can wear them if you need to walk over the carpet when it is wet.

Carpet shampooing carpet cleaning

One of the traditional yet versatile techniques employed by professionals is the carpet shampooing method. The principle behind the shampoo method is that the carpet or rug is thoroughly cleaned using a foamy chemical which is then allowed to dry completely. As it dries, this residue pulls out all the embedded dirt and dust which has to be vacuumed off the next day.

Since foaming is an important criterion of this technique, the reagent used for carpet shampooing must be able to generate high amounts of foam which will reduce the wetting of the carpet fibers. The ingredients present in the shampoo must also be able to generate stable foam and also dry out completely to a non-sticky residue. Professional cleaners also use a reagent which has high levels of lubricity so that the carpet fibers are not damaged while it is being brushed.

One of the most common ingredients that are found in all carpet shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate or its many derivatives. Sodium lauryl sulfate has the property to generate high quantities of stable foam and hence is a regular ingredient in all kinds of shampoos and detergents. The only disadvantage of using cleaners with this chemical is that it leaves behind a sticky and soft residue which may cause resoiling of the carpet. To combat this problem, the cleaning reagent also contains an anti-soiling compound which acts like a resin and avoids resoiling of the fabric.

Optical brighteners are also added to carpet shampoos to make it appear brighter and cleaner. These compounds trap the invisible ultraviolet light converting it into visible light making it appear brighter. But this can sometimes leave back a yellow cast which can be quite stubborn to remove.

There are two different specialized equipment’s employed in the carpet shampoo process and these are rotary shampoo and cylindrical foam machines. The ordinary rotary floor equipment is used for spraying the shampoo and then brushing the carpet. This method can lead to over wetting which can damage your carpet fibers. The cylindrical foam machine is more suitable as an air compressor is used to generate dry foam and a cylindrical brush for gentle but thorough cleaning of the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning - Steam Or Shampoo? The above explains all the information on steam and shampoo carpet cleaning process.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Carpet Cleaning in Singapore: How Often Should It Be Done?

A carpet is a major component of the home, and as a home owner, you will naturally want to ensure that it remains in good condition for the next few years. Additionally, you will want to make sure that it is free of odor and dust, as this is the only way to guarantee that your house will be hygienic. Given that a good carpet often comes with a sizable monetary investment, there is always a need to make sure that it will last for as long as is humanly possible. But how can you achieve this?
To ensure that the carpet will look good, and last for long, it is best to ensure that you use carpet cleaning services at least every twelve months. However, you should note that this cleaning frequency is only a general guideline only. You can vary the cleaning frequency depending on your home or office circumstances.

For instance, there are residences and commercial properties that may require professional carpet cleaning services once every six to twelve months. The cleaning frequency should be dependent on two factors:

• Personal preferences
• Your home lifestyle

The following are questions that can help you determine how often you should have your Singapore carpet professionally cleaned:

• How Often Do Your Vacuum?
Vacuuming can help your carpet last a bit longer. When you vacuum once a week, you get to do away with the loose particles that normally attach to its surface before they can start settling deeper into the carpet, and destroy its fibers.

Regular vacuuming will often allow you to extend the period in between the professional carpet cleaning services. However, regardless of how often you choose to vacuum the carpet, there will come a time when you will need to call in the professionals. Professional carpet cleaners are better placed to help you get rid of the dust and dirt that is in your carpet.

• Are There People in Your Home Who May Be Allergic?

The fibers in your carpet normally serve as a filter. In the long run, they will hold much of the germs, dirt, and dust floating around your house. As the weeks turn into months, the germs and allergens will eventually start to build-up in your carpet fibers.

If you allow them to accumulate for too long, they will start becoming airborne, and will rise to the air every time pressure is applied on the carpet. The only way to ensure that these allergens are eradicated, and healthy surroundings restored in your home will be by calling in professional carpet cleaners in Singapore. If it happens that the allergies are severe, it may be essential to have the carpet cleaned more frequently.

• What Is Your Carpet Color?
Many homeowners go for light colored carpets as they easily brighten up their living rooms. However, these carpets also tend to be notorious when it comes to revealing stains, germs, and dirt. This means that the carpet has to be cleaned more frequently as compared to the darker ones if you want it to retain its original color.
But it is necessary to point out that frequent cleaning is not always a bad thing. It is easier to detect the accumulation of dust and dirt on a light-colored carpet as opposed to their darker counterparts. This means that it will be easier for you to know when you need to call in deep carpet cleaning experts.

• Does the Carpet Have a Warranty?
For carpets that come with warranties, you will find that the manufacturers will require their owners to practice certain cleaning regimens so as not to void the warranty. Do not be surprised to come across a warranty that states that your carpet should be cleaned at least once or twice every twelve months.

In some instances, the warranty may go as far as stating that you need to save the receipts for all the cleanings in case there arises an issue. Saving the receipts is a great way to document the cleanings, which proves that you followed all the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

• Are the Pets in Your Residence?
For those that allow pets in their houses, frequent cleanings happen to be even more important. Just because a pet is well-trained does not mean that it will not cause the occasional mess. Apart from tracking outdoor grime into the residence, the pets are also likely to distribute vomit, feces, and urine on the carpet.

Such accidents normally cause the formation of unsightly stains. In addition, they also lead to the development of unpleasant odors—such odors are more noticeable by people visiting your home. The good news is that cleaning the carpet can help neutralize such stains, and do away with the odors, allowing your home to regain its former freshness.

• Are there Young Children in the Home?
Young children are certainly synonymous with spatters, spills, and smears. As a parent, it is not unusual to come across finger paints, fruit juice, and muddy footprints strewn all over the carpet. This is always challenging, as the parent will automatically have a harder time trying to ensure that the carpet retains its allure.

Also, children and toddlers do tend to spend most of their time playing with their toys on the carpets. You will, therefore, need to make sure that it remains clean and fresh to prevent them from inhaling dirt, or coming into contact with bacteria that maybe harmful to their health. For this, you may need to hire professionals who use eco-friendly products to clean the carpets, get rid of the toxins, and remove all the soil that may be injurious to your young child’s health.

• Are Shoes Allowed Inside the Residence?
You may already know this, but shoes tend to track in small grit particles and dirt from the outdoors. It is something that can cause the fibers in your carpet to start wearing out within a few weeks of installing a new carpet. If you have many people coming and going from your home, it means that the carpets will have to withstand lots of shoe traffic. If you do not have this dirt removed often, the carpets will eventually wear out, leading to a loss of your investment.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Carpet Cleaning - Benefits That Will Help To Keep Your Carpet Clean.

Most home and office proprietors want to utilize carpets as their ground surface choice since they are warm and delicate, as well as make the entire family feel at home. Hence, having clean carpets have a fundamental influence on this inclination. Carpet cleaning does not just involve vacuuming because this isn't sufficiently even to keep them spotlessly clean through the exercises of the day. Along these lines, there is significantly more that is required with regards to occupancy cleaning. Going for proficient cleaning administrations is the ideal method for guaranteeing that your carpet is in excellent condition consistently.

Different benefits accompany carpet cleaning, not neglecting to specify that clean conditions give a nice sentiment from strolling shoeless on cleaned carpets. In this way, you should enroll the administrations of expert cleaning organizations who will make another inclination for your home through cleaning administrations. In any case, there is a thought going around that expert organizations utilize harming chemicals that might be inconvenient to your wellbeing. By the by, this isn't the case.

Proficient carpet cleaning encourages you to diminish the levels of allergens in your office or home. This is because when you have a carpet at your home or office, it gathers odds and ends of tidy that originate from the windows, shoes or discover their way into the house in different sorts of ways. Accordingly, a carpet which can be contrasted with a channel keeps every one of those odds and ends of tidy inside its strands. These odds and ends can cause disturbances and hypersensitivity flare-ups on the occasion that children play on the carpet. In any case, proficient cleaning disposes of these harmful particles in this manner you can enable your children to play on the carpet whenever of the day.

Moreover, carpet cleaning maintains a strategic distance from or lessen devaluation of the strands. Different types of earth, minute materials, and stains that discover their way into the carpet can wear out your carpet filaments, all the more so in territories where there is a great deal of activity. These particles will eventually prompt a particular unpleasantness when strolling uncovered feet on the carpet, and in time this will expect you to supplant the carpet inside a brief timeframe. Be that as it may, cleaning your carpet expands its life expectancy in this way sparing you the cost of replacing it rashly.

Also, there are able cleaning systems that are eco-accommodating. These strategies incorporate heated water extraction which utilizes hot temperatures to dispose of undesirable particles that exist in the carpet accordingly serving to evacuate stains, as well as disinfect the carpet. Consequently, green carpet cleaning has come as a respite to most property holders since it isn't just utilized on a carpet, however, it likewise guarantees that no deposit is cleared out. Consequently, property holders can unwind that the cleaning exercise does not come to the detriment of the earth.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits for a Clean and Healthy Atmosphere.

Customary carpet cleaning is imperative to keep up your carpet's quality. To drag out the timeframe of practical usability of your carpet, it ought to be done altogether to kill all the aggregated soil inside the texture. Appropriate upkeep of your carpet is a method for ensuring the speculation you had. On the off chance that you have kept your carpet perfect and all around kept up, you are additionally sparing yourself a great deal of cash from the cost of supplanting the carpet itself. It's therefore that numerous organizations have made carpet cleaning items. The interest for proficient carpet cleaners has additionally continually expanded with time. With a broad research and the improvement of innovation in this field, there are now different techniques for cleaning the carpet. The most common route is with the vacuum cleaner and the utilization of synthetic cleaning operators. What makes a difference is to keep the carpet as perfect as conceivable consistently.

Carpet cleaning has a few benefits. For one, it keeps the arrangement of molds and other parasitic components. The materials and delicate texture of carpet is a decent rearing site for mold, parasite, and so forth. The glow that it makes is extremely helpful for the expansion of such undesirable substances. Similarly, carpets in frosty and sticky zones can likewise pull in the development of molds that can cause illnesses like skin sensitivities and contaminations.

Appropriate cleaning and support of the carpet will ruin parasitic defilement that can be dispensed with by the chemicals in cleaning items. Something else, keeping your carpet clean is a viable method to dispose of bugs and insects in your place. Since carpets tend to be goliath channels, they trap earth, tidy and different allergens in their material. Therefore, a dusty carpet, particularly in moist regions, draws in creepy crawlies, which can make your home helpless against mosquitoes, kissing bugs, flies, and so on. You don't need this to happen because creepy crawlies can eat and wreck the strands of the carpet. Also, this may cause a foul scent that could prompt bothering, diseases, and infection.

Alternate benefits of carpet cleaning are firmly related to feeling. Cleaning the carpet consistently keeps up its frame and magnificence. Earth, sand and different particles mean the general wear and tear of a carpet. Steady utilize and collection of soil can cause staining and harms the shape. If something is spilled on the carpet, it's best to clean it immediately to evade stains and microscopic organisms to heap upon its surface. Since the carpet can shroud a wide range of earth, you shouldn't influence it to the propensity to clean it until the point when it gets extremely filthy because, by at that point, the harm is as of now done. By the by, consistent cleaning can spruce up the texture and influence it to look flawless.

Soil can significantly wear out your carpet. Consistent carpet cleaning should be possible appropriately with a vacuum cleaner no less than two times each week to expand the timeframe of practical usability of your carpet. Regardless of that state you are in, we can't stay away from contamination and tidy around our homes. Clean, similar to sand, can rub off the great nature of the carpet's filaments in which they stick to. Venturing on the carpet, you would prefer not to have a "sanding impact" on your carpet since it's messy. Lasting scratch, wear and tear happen due to the soil. So whether you enlist an expert or do the cleaning yourself, plan it all the time to increase long-haul reserve funds.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Tips To Consider To Make Carpet Cleaning Easier

The exteriors of your home matters a lot. You need to ensure that you clean the windows of your house. You also need to clean the doors from time to time. However, you will note that the interior of your home matters too. If you have a carpet at your home, you need to clean it often. Pets can actually make your carpet to be dirty from time to time. Kids can also make your carpet to be dirty as a result of spilling soups and other liquids. This can make your carpet to be smelly and unattractive.

During the hot season, most houses normally get dusty. This can make your carpet to be dusty. Cleaning it can be a daunting task. You might be willing to clean it but fail to have adequate time for this undertaking. You can consider delegating this duty to your siblings but still fail to be efficient. It might not be cleaned thoroughly. The only solution left is hiring a professional to help you out. There are many advantages of engaging an expert in this undertaking. These include:

1. More convenience
Some people normally dread cleaning their homes. Others, usually delegate cleaning activities to their siblings and so on. Cleaning windows, carpets and so on can be a daunting task. Getting a professional to help you clean your carpet can save you the hustle of cleaning your home all by yourself. This professional can help clean it effectively. This can be more convenient for you.

Sometimes, you might be expecting visitors in at you home in a couple of days. Cleaning the carpet thoroughly might take you several days. Hiring these professional can be more convenient. They will offer quick services. This can leave your home smelling fresh.

2. Help you save time.

Those employees who are employed hardly have enough time to clean their carpets well. In addition, most businesspersons do not have enough time to clean their homes. In this case, most of them end up hiring people to clean their carpet. Hiring this professional can help you save time. Your carpet
can be cleaned as you carry on with your daily activities.

3. More experience.
Most of these professionals have cleaned several carpets in the past. This has made these professional more competent in this field. Most of them have cleaned different carpets in different homes. This has made them more knowledgeable in this field. Working with these professionals can ensure that your carpet remains cleans for longer periods.

4. Better skills.
Cleaning is not easy as people think. You might need to have several cleaning solutions in order to eliminate dirt and so on. You need to know how to utilize these solutions in order to get rid of dirt. Such tasks need a cleaner to execute them. Once you hire this expert, you will get the best results. This cleaner will clean your home thoroughly.

5. Good impression.Who does not like a clean home? Everybody likes a clean home. Cleaning services can help make a good impression. First impression lasts. You should ensure that your visitors get a good impression of your home. A clean home can maker you have some sense of prestige as the homeowner. This includes a clean carpet and so forth.

6. Better healthGerms normally thrive in places that are dirty. If you have a carpet, chances of it getting dirty are very high. If you have kids, they are likely to get infections as a result of this dust. The situation can be worse if your pets such as cats and dogs. Cleaning services can go a long way in ensuring your kids remain healthy all the time. In addition, you will be healthier because you will be living in a clean home. Asthmatic people are normally allergic to dust. Regular cleaning can help mitigate such problems.

7. Better cleaning items.
You might have some cleaning items at your home. However, not everybody can use these items the way they should. This is the other reason why you need to get a professional who can help you with cleaning services. This expert normally has all the tools that can help clean your carpet thoroughly.
In addition, he or she knows the best solutions to use in order to eliminate dirt and germs. This is another advantage of hiring this expert.

8. Everything is customized.

You can decide with your cleaner on the best days to clean your home. You can agree that he be availing himself on weekends when you are free from work. You can also allow him clean your carpet while you are at work. This can happen if you trust your cleaner. You can instruct him or her where to clean and so on. You can have such arrangements that you can make with your cleaner.

There has been cases of children getting ill as a result of dirty carpets. Children normally like siting on the carpet. If your carpet is dirty, your child is a t a risk of inhaling the dust and he or she can get sick. This can be detrimental. Hiring cleaning services can help prevent such problems. In addition, dirty carpets do not last longer. They normally get work out fast. If you intend to make your carpet last for many years, you must be willing to clean it often. It can lengthen its lifespan.

This helps minimize the costs involved in buying a new carpet. In addition, a clean carpet makes your home look more beautiful. It makes your home to be warm and welcoming. Hiring this expert will ensure that you do not get fatigue as a result of cleaning your carpet. Most of these experts normally charge some fee for their services. However, the cost d worth it. Protect your kids and pets from infections by cleaning your carpet. It is your responsibility as a homeowner. You should choose a good cleaner so that you can get the best services. Check the license and the reputation of the cleaner before hiring one. Take the initiative of hiring this cleaner today and you will not get frustrated.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Professional Care for Office Carpet

A commercial carpet has become a constant in the contemporary office setting. It is a significant investment which covers a large area of the workspace floor that staff and clients get to see and walk on daily. Maintaining a good office rug is necessary for ensuring a pleasant and healthy work environment; especially if it experiences a lot of traffic coming through the office. A good first impression should be a strategy for any commercial outlet and that’s why it is normal for businesses to seek professional carpet cleaning services. For a commercial service provider, taking care of office carpet involves the following activities

Carpet Cleaning
Regularly cleaning the carpet helps to get rid of the minute soil particles that accumulate over time leading to damage and wear. You don’t have to wait until these stains become visible for you to take action; it may be too late to prevent the premature aging of the carpet. Spills should be eliminated immediately after they occur so that they don’t end up being tough to remove and permanent stains. Ideally, commercial carpet cleaning should be carried out at least once in every six months. However, if the work area is busy, it is crucial that you don’t allow too long an interval between office carpet
cleaning sessions.

Carpet Protector
Once the office carpet has been cleaned, you must do everything possible to maintain that clean state
before the next appointment from the cleaning agencies. This will ensure that the life of the rug is prolonged and prevent premature replacements. A good way to achieve this is by applying post-cleaning carpet protector. It enhances protection against the build-up of soil, as well as increase the effectiveness of the subsequent cleanings.

VacuumingIt is essential that the office carpet is vacuumed regularly between professional cleanings. This
removes the tiny, unseen dry soil deposits that are carried into office by staff every day. If allowed to
accumulate over time, these particles become embedded in the carpet and eventually lead to further damage. Vacuuming should be done daily in areas of the carpet that experience high traffic. These include areas close to doorways, entrances and hallways. The same goes for areas under desks where rolling chairs and shoes deposit soil which gets rubbed in as the seats move around. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional service, vacuuming is crucial in extending the life, maintaining the attractive appearance and keeping a fresh feel for your office carpet.

Using a Chair Mat

Modern office settings make use of rolling chairs. Such chairs will gradually wear down the fibers on the carpet as they move around. Over time, this will lead to a permanent wear patterns that present a distasteful picture no measure of carpet cleaning can get rid of. Further wearing due to the rolling chairs will eventually cause the carpet fiber to become softer and eventually rip. One way to solve this problem is by using chair mats; a cheap investment that will prove beneficial for the health
of your floor covering. It reduces the amount of force exerted by the chair wheels on the fiber and therefore reduces the action of friction on the carpet.

Caution with Printer Cartridges
A common stain that is found in most office floors is that of ink from printers. Printers contain ink of all sorts of colors that can end up spilling all over the floor if not handled carefully. This leads to a multicolored mess on the carpet that leaves behind a nasty look. Care should be taken when replacing the cartridges to prevent ink spills and the printer if possible, should be kept away from the floor covering.

Computer Tower
The computer tower should also be kept up and off the floor for the benefit of both the carpet and the
computer. This is because the computer fan draws in air through the carpet and leads to a black line forming around it. To do so, the computer has to work harder and this reduces the efficiency of the cooling system of the machine. Finding the appropriate position for the computer tower will help increase the lifespan of the carpet as well as that of the computer.

Using Rugs at the Entrances
You can always expect staff and clients coming in to carry along dirt and mud from outside on their shoes. This leads to staining and the ultimate wearing off of the carpet. To prevent this, you can have rugs placed at the entrances to the work area so that most of this dirt is deposited on them. Apart from maintaining a desirable shape for the carpet, the rugs will also reduce the necessity to have constant clean-up and vacuuming sessions.

Hiring Professionals

Using professional carpet service providers as opposed to doing it yourself will be an important consideration if you expect the best outcome. They have all the required skills and relevant tools to get it done for you. However, care should be taken to select a company that can be relied upon to deliver satisfactory results. Some cleaning crews are on record for shortchanging clients. This is because fabric carpeting has a certain quality that will appear clean even after a shoddy cleaning job. It is therefore imperative that someone knowledgeable supervises whenever there is a cleaning session to ensure the perfect job.

Green Carpet Cleaning
A company that uses clean carpet cleaning methods should be given priority. These methods involve the use of detergents and other cleaning agents that present no harm to the natural environment. This also means the carpet fibers will be protected from exposure to harmful chemicals and dyes that speed up their aging process.


An appealing carpet improves the general look of the office and presents a receptive atmosphere for anybody walking into the commercial premise. It might be the difference that gives your business an edge over other competing outlets. The above maintenance practices will be handy when it comes to taking care of office carpet. Consider them to ensure that your carpet maintains a desirable look and shape for the longest period possible.