Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Professional Care for Office Carpet

A commercial carpet has become a constant in the contemporary office setting. It is a significant investment which covers a large area of the workspace floor that staff and clients get to see and walk on daily. Maintaining a good office rug is necessary for ensuring a pleasant and healthy work environment; especially if it experiences a lot of traffic coming through the office. A good first impression should be a strategy for any commercial outlet and that’s why it is normal for businesses to seek professional carpet cleaning services. For a commercial service provider, taking care of office carpet involves the following activities

Carpet Cleaning
Regularly cleaning the carpet helps to get rid of the minute soil particles that accumulate over time leading to damage and wear. You don’t have to wait until these stains become visible for you to take action; it may be too late to prevent the premature aging of the carpet. Spills should be eliminated immediately after they occur so that they don’t end up being tough to remove and permanent stains. Ideally, commercial carpet cleaning should be carried out at least once in every six months. However, if the work area is busy, it is crucial that you don’t allow too long an interval between office carpet
cleaning sessions.

Carpet Protector
Once the office carpet has been cleaned, you must do everything possible to maintain that clean state
before the next appointment from the cleaning agencies. This will ensure that the life of the rug is prolonged and prevent premature replacements. A good way to achieve this is by applying post-cleaning carpet protector. It enhances protection against the build-up of soil, as well as increase the effectiveness of the subsequent cleanings.

VacuumingIt is essential that the office carpet is vacuumed regularly between professional cleanings. This
removes the tiny, unseen dry soil deposits that are carried into office by staff every day. If allowed to
accumulate over time, these particles become embedded in the carpet and eventually lead to further damage. Vacuuming should be done daily in areas of the carpet that experience high traffic. These include areas close to doorways, entrances and hallways. The same goes for areas under desks where rolling chairs and shoes deposit soil which gets rubbed in as the seats move around. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional service, vacuuming is crucial in extending the life, maintaining the attractive appearance and keeping a fresh feel for your office carpet.

Using a Chair Mat

Modern office settings make use of rolling chairs. Such chairs will gradually wear down the fibers on the carpet as they move around. Over time, this will lead to a permanent wear patterns that present a distasteful picture no measure of carpet cleaning can get rid of. Further wearing due to the rolling chairs will eventually cause the carpet fiber to become softer and eventually rip. One way to solve this problem is by using chair mats; a cheap investment that will prove beneficial for the health
of your floor covering. It reduces the amount of force exerted by the chair wheels on the fiber and therefore reduces the action of friction on the carpet.

Caution with Printer Cartridges
A common stain that is found in most office floors is that of ink from printers. Printers contain ink of all sorts of colors that can end up spilling all over the floor if not handled carefully. This leads to a multicolored mess on the carpet that leaves behind a nasty look. Care should be taken when replacing the cartridges to prevent ink spills and the printer if possible, should be kept away from the floor covering.

Computer Tower
The computer tower should also be kept up and off the floor for the benefit of both the carpet and the
computer. This is because the computer fan draws in air through the carpet and leads to a black line forming around it. To do so, the computer has to work harder and this reduces the efficiency of the cooling system of the machine. Finding the appropriate position for the computer tower will help increase the lifespan of the carpet as well as that of the computer.

Using Rugs at the Entrances
You can always expect staff and clients coming in to carry along dirt and mud from outside on their shoes. This leads to staining and the ultimate wearing off of the carpet. To prevent this, you can have rugs placed at the entrances to the work area so that most of this dirt is deposited on them. Apart from maintaining a desirable shape for the carpet, the rugs will also reduce the necessity to have constant clean-up and vacuuming sessions.

Hiring Professionals

Using professional carpet service providers as opposed to doing it yourself will be an important consideration if you expect the best outcome. They have all the required skills and relevant tools to get it done for you. However, care should be taken to select a company that can be relied upon to deliver satisfactory results. Some cleaning crews are on record for shortchanging clients. This is because fabric carpeting has a certain quality that will appear clean even after a shoddy cleaning job. It is therefore imperative that someone knowledgeable supervises whenever there is a cleaning session to ensure the perfect job.

Green Carpet Cleaning
A company that uses clean carpet cleaning methods should be given priority. These methods involve the use of detergents and other cleaning agents that present no harm to the natural environment. This also means the carpet fibers will be protected from exposure to harmful chemicals and dyes that speed up their aging process.


An appealing carpet improves the general look of the office and presents a receptive atmosphere for anybody walking into the commercial premise. It might be the difference that gives your business an edge over other competing outlets. The above maintenance practices will be handy when it comes to taking care of office carpet. Consider them to ensure that your carpet maintains a desirable look and shape for the longest period possible.