Monday, 11 June 2018

Carpet Cleaning in Singapore: How Often Should It Be Done?

A carpet is a major component of the home, and as a home owner, you will naturally want to ensure that it remains in good condition for the next few years. Additionally, you will want to make sure that it is free of odor and dust, as this is the only way to guarantee that your house will be hygienic. Given that a good carpet often comes with a sizable monetary investment, there is always a need to make sure that it will last for as long as is humanly possible. But how can you achieve this?
To ensure that the carpet will look good, and last for long, it is best to ensure that you use carpet cleaning services at least every twelve months. However, you should note that this cleaning frequency is only a general guideline only. You can vary the cleaning frequency depending on your home or office circumstances.

For instance, there are residences and commercial properties that may require professional carpet cleaning services once every six to twelve months. The cleaning frequency should be dependent on two factors:

• Personal preferences
• Your home lifestyle

The following are questions that can help you determine how often you should have your Singapore carpet professionally cleaned:

• How Often Do Your Vacuum?
Vacuuming can help your carpet last a bit longer. When you vacuum once a week, you get to do away with the loose particles that normally attach to its surface before they can start settling deeper into the carpet, and destroy its fibers.

Regular vacuuming will often allow you to extend the period in between the professional carpet cleaning services. However, regardless of how often you choose to vacuum the carpet, there will come a time when you will need to call in the professionals. Professional carpet cleaners are better placed to help you get rid of the dust and dirt that is in your carpet.

• Are There People in Your Home Who May Be Allergic?

The fibers in your carpet normally serve as a filter. In the long run, they will hold much of the germs, dirt, and dust floating around your house. As the weeks turn into months, the germs and allergens will eventually start to build-up in your carpet fibers.

If you allow them to accumulate for too long, they will start becoming airborne, and will rise to the air every time pressure is applied on the carpet. The only way to ensure that these allergens are eradicated, and healthy surroundings restored in your home will be by calling in professional carpet cleaners in Singapore. If it happens that the allergies are severe, it may be essential to have the carpet cleaned more frequently.

• What Is Your Carpet Color?
Many homeowners go for light colored carpets as they easily brighten up their living rooms. However, these carpets also tend to be notorious when it comes to revealing stains, germs, and dirt. This means that the carpet has to be cleaned more frequently as compared to the darker ones if you want it to retain its original color.
But it is necessary to point out that frequent cleaning is not always a bad thing. It is easier to detect the accumulation of dust and dirt on a light-colored carpet as opposed to their darker counterparts. This means that it will be easier for you to know when you need to call in deep carpet cleaning experts.

• Does the Carpet Have a Warranty?
For carpets that come with warranties, you will find that the manufacturers will require their owners to practice certain cleaning regimens so as not to void the warranty. Do not be surprised to come across a warranty that states that your carpet should be cleaned at least once or twice every twelve months.

In some instances, the warranty may go as far as stating that you need to save the receipts for all the cleanings in case there arises an issue. Saving the receipts is a great way to document the cleanings, which proves that you followed all the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

• Are the Pets in Your Residence?
For those that allow pets in their houses, frequent cleanings happen to be even more important. Just because a pet is well-trained does not mean that it will not cause the occasional mess. Apart from tracking outdoor grime into the residence, the pets are also likely to distribute vomit, feces, and urine on the carpet.

Such accidents normally cause the formation of unsightly stains. In addition, they also lead to the development of unpleasant odors—such odors are more noticeable by people visiting your home. The good news is that cleaning the carpet can help neutralize such stains, and do away with the odors, allowing your home to regain its former freshness.

• Are there Young Children in the Home?
Young children are certainly synonymous with spatters, spills, and smears. As a parent, it is not unusual to come across finger paints, fruit juice, and muddy footprints strewn all over the carpet. This is always challenging, as the parent will automatically have a harder time trying to ensure that the carpet retains its allure.

Also, children and toddlers do tend to spend most of their time playing with their toys on the carpets. You will, therefore, need to make sure that it remains clean and fresh to prevent them from inhaling dirt, or coming into contact with bacteria that maybe harmful to their health. For this, you may need to hire professionals who use eco-friendly products to clean the carpets, get rid of the toxins, and remove all the soil that may be injurious to your young child’s health.

• Are Shoes Allowed Inside the Residence?
You may already know this, but shoes tend to track in small grit particles and dirt from the outdoors. It is something that can cause the fibers in your carpet to start wearing out within a few weeks of installing a new carpet. If you have many people coming and going from your home, it means that the carpets will have to withstand lots of shoe traffic. If you do not have this dirt removed often, the carpets will eventually wear out, leading to a loss of your investment.